2017 Design Excellence Competition

Project submittal period OPEN: March 27 through 5:00PM on April 24. Competition website: http://asidnjdesignexcellence.org

AWARDS GALA will be held in the evening on June 14 at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury. Registration opening soon.


  • Call for entries: 2/13/2017-2/27/2017. 
  • Competition opens: 3/27/2017-4/24/2017
  • Cost per entry: $125.00 during call for entry period; 2/13/2017-2/27/2017
  • Cost per entry: $150.00 during the competition period; 3/27/2017-4/24/2017
  • If all entry information is not completed by the deadline, 4/24/2017, it will not be entered in to the Competition.
  • Entrants must provide and submit the following information with their entry:
    • Description of project (up to 1000 words)
    • Modified project summary, 250 words, written in the third person, to be used at Awards presentation in the event the project wins
    • Floor plans to scale with scale noted in pdf format
    • After photos in jpeg formation 300 dpi - minimum file size of 500KB; maximum file size of 3MB
    • Before photos (optional)
    • Square footage of project entry
    • Photographer’s name/firm
    • List of Industry Partners utilized for the project. Please log in to the competition website to view local and national Industry Partners. 

To obtain a written copy of the of these Official Rules, mail your request along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to The New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, PO Box 323, Midland Park, NJ 07432


  • All ASID members of the New Jersey in good standing and who are eighteen years old or older may participate. If the Entrant is employed by a firm or member of a team, he/she must be the primary interior designer on record for the project.
  • Entrant must be the lead designer on the project to be submitted. This means that no other designer, architect, builder can claim this project as their own.
  • All projects must have used at least one IP Member at the time of the project to be submitted. See link for a current list of IPs. New Jersey, National
  • Only space(s) that have not previously won an ASID NJ Design Excellence award are eligible



  • Residential Single Space (excluding kitchens and bathrooms). 2-4 photos
  • Residential Two or More Spaces – in residence less than 2,500 sf : 4-8 photos may include kitchens and/or bathrooms
  • Residential Two or More Spaces - in residence 2,501-5,000 sf., 4-8 photos
  • Residential Two or More Spaces - in residence over 5,000 sf., 4-8 photos, may include kitchens and/or bathrooms
  • Residential Apartment, Condo or Loft, 2-8 photos; may include kitchens and/or bathrooms
  • Residential Small Bathroom less than 55 sf; 1-2 photos
  • Residential Large Bathroom 55+ sf: 2-4 photos
  • Residential Small Kitchen less than 150 sf; 2-4 photos
  • Residential Large Kitchen 150+ sf; Minimum 3-6 photos
  • Residential Show House Space: Show House spaces may not be entered into any other category, 2-4 photos
  • Historic Preservation Project: registered as historic with the municipality and/or is 100+ years old and you either restored to or maintained its original essence, 2-8 photos


  • Commercial Single Space; 2-4 photos Commercial several spaces-under 10,000 sf.; 2-6 photos
  • Commercial several spaces- over 10,000 sf.; 2-8 photos
  • Retail/Showroom/Exhibit Space; 2-8 photos
  • Hospitality Space(s); 2-8 photos
  • Healthcare Spaces-less than 3,000 sf; 2-6 Healthcare Spaces– 3,000+ sf; 2-8 photos
  • Historic Preservation Space; 2-6 photos
  • Government/Institutional Space(s); 2-8 photos


  • Entrant is not a member in good standing as per ASID National’s guidelines
  • Information identifying Entrant’s name, design firm, architect or any other collaborating party may not appear in description or on drawings
  • If any other designer, architect or builder challenges the Entrant’s ownership of the design, the project will be investigated by the Chapter. If evidence shows the Entrant is not the lead designer, the award will be rescinded.
  • Submission of Entries which did not utilize at least one ASID Industry Partner
  • Submission of Entries not including floor plans to scale with scale noted
  • Submission of Entries containing elevations and/or sketches
  • Submission of winning Entries from past New Jersey Design Excellence competitions
  • Submission of Entry into the wrong category
  • An entry may only appear in one category with the exception of the entry’s inclusion in a “Several Spaces” category.
  • Entrant’s failure to abide by these Official Rules


Successful entries will demonstrate exceptional design and positive impact on life and the human experience.

Judging will focus on the following criteria:

  • 10 pts. Effectiveness of the design solution
  • 10 pts. Functional use of space
  • 10 pts. Scale and proportion
  • 10 pts. Color and composition
  • 10 pts. Innovative use of materials
  • 10 pts. Creativity of the design solution
  • 10 pts. Effective use of lighting
  • 10 pts. Use of Sustainable design principles
  • 10 pts. Use of Universal design principles

90 pts. TOTAL

Decisions of judges are final and binding. Winning entries shall be announced at the Design Excellence Gala in June 2017.

To obtain a copy of the list of Competition winners, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 323, Midland Park, NJ 07432.


  • Names of prizes are Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • There will be no more than one Gold winner, one Silver winner or one Bronze winner, except in the case of a numerical tie.
  • Projects must have the minimum score in each of the awards categories to qualify.
  • Total scores will range from 0-90.
  • Prizes will be awarded based on the following ranges:
  1.  80-90: Gold
  2.  70-79: Silver
  3.  60-69: Bronze