2016 Paul Gutkin Memorial Student Design Competition Open for Submissions

New Jersey coastal residences and inhabitants are being faced with environmental challenges resulting from intense weather and storm conditions along our shoreline. In response to the weather challenges that coastal inhabitants face, students of Stevens Institute of Technology have created the “SU+RE House”; a passive solar and resilient residential home engineered to meet and withstand coastal storms and emergency situations. (http://surehouse.org/) Based on the parameters established by Stevens Institute, the mission of the Paul Gutkin Competition will be to create a space plan with interior design specifications for the “SU+RE House” project. The Competition is intended to generate design solutions for a full-time resident, middle-class family for daily living but allow for the ability to provide shelter and living quarters for up to eight people during a time of coastal emergency.


Your challenge is to design a complete floor plan for the 1,000 square feet SU+RE House that can accommodate the daily living requirements for four inhabitants and provide the flexibility and security for up to eight persons during an emergency. Your submission must include:

  1.  A detailed floor plan illustrating proposed furniture layout and cabinetry locations.
  2.  Minimum of one interior elevation.
  3.  Reflected ceiling plan
  4.  Electrical plan with designated charging area
  5.  Provide specifications and include an explanation for your selections of ceiling & wall finishes, flooring materials and solar window treatment solutions.
Entry Evaluation Criteria

Your design solution will be judged on creativity, use of space, functionality, emergency accommodations, human impact and presentation.

Project Parameters
  1. The SU+RE House is situated along the Jersey shore line, faces south and receives maximum solar exposure.
  2.  You must work within the existing building envelope, maintain exterior door and window locations. Exterior architectural elements and details to remain.
  3. Interior partitions must not interfere with existing door locations or window operation.
  4. You may reconfigure interior partitions and plumbing locations within existing building footprint.
  5. Ceiling heights range from 8’ to 10’.
  6. Address and incorporate a designated recharging area for voice & data communication.
Solution Considerations
  • Provide adequate storage space for daily living requirements and for emergency provisions and equipment. 
  • Consider privacy issues among inhabitants, provide adequate sleeping, lounging, dining and food preparation accommodations for up to eight people. 
  • Consider multi-generational requirements.
  • Consider pets and their needs.
  • Incorporate appropriate lighting needs, electrical considerations and telecommunications into your design solutions.
Program Requirements

Redesign existing SU+RE House floor plan to accommodate the following:

  • Residential living designed for full-time residency, middle-class family as the target market with accommodations for up to eight inhabitants during an emergency.
  • Provide storage for food, water, emergency equipment, clothing, supplies, electronic devices and tools.
  • Provide a laundry area.
  • Kitchen appliances to include:
    • Refrigerator
    • Cooktop
    • Oven
    • Microwave 
  • Entertainment- incorporate TV viewing areas, quiet reading locations, areas for family activities and workspace for computer use.
  • Indicate voice/data and electrical locations incorporating SU+RE House electronic docking and recharging provisions.
  • Provide accommodations for sleeping for four with flexibility for eight people addressing privacy and acoustic issues for multi-generational situations
Submission Requirements

Your design solution will be presented as a PDF file containing a cover page and digital boards that must include the following:

Cover Page:

Include your project title and relevant images

Write a concept statement (250 words maximum) describing how your proposed design solution addresses and meets the needs of the project concepts, challenges and parameters.

Digital Boards:
  • Provide a dimensioned floor plan (drawn to scale) with furniture layout. (Note: for presentation purposes, the dimensioned floor plan may be combined with the furniture plan and may be rendered.) 
  • Minimum of one elevation 
  • Include a reflected ceiling plan, with lighting with appropriate annotations. 3 2016 Paul Gutkin Memorial Student Design Competition •
  • Include an electrical plan, with appropriate annotations. 
  • Submissions must include one elevation and two additional drawings of the space which may include elevation, perspective, isometric, orthographic or axonometric drawings.
  • Additional materials, furniture and finishes also may be shown/described.
  • Subsequent pages may include items that further communicate you design solution including:
    • elevations
    • renderings
    • finishes
    • furnishings
    • schedules
    • wall sections 
    • any other details needed to understand the scope of the design
Submission Standards

Each entry must be submitted as one digital document that includes all statements, drawings and other information that best convey your design intent.

  • Submit an 11 x 17-inch design board, as a single, digital document (PDF format) to: Administrator@NJ.ASID.org 
  • Submit one board minimum, five boards maximum.
  • Each board should be composed of vector art and/or raster images. Raster images should be at a resolution not less than 200 dpi and no greater than 300 dpi to maintain both visual clarity and manageable file sizes. Please make sure all of your boards can be clearly read at both distant and magnified views. 
  • Project may be hand drawn, computer generated and/or combination of both. Notations and labeling must be clear and legible in simple type font. • Images of your selected finished may be scanned, digitally photographed, or downloaded from the Web. These may be formatted, sized, noted and arranged on your boards at your discretion. These also shall fall within the raster image resolution requirements stated above.
  • Spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammatical errors are ground for immediate disqualification.
  • Your name and school MUST NOT appear on any of your final submission pieces. Including this information anywhere on your boards shall be grounds for immediate disqualification. Please include this information only where requested on the online entry registration. 
  • Submissions must be from individual entrants, rather than from teams. Submissions from teams of two or more entrants will be disqualified.
Entry Evaluation Criteria

Your solution will be evaluated on its vision, functionality, human impact, innovation and presentation.

  • Vision: Does the project solution address the project specifications and requirements as indicated and is the solution presented clearly? Do the design concept statement and the visual presentation (e.g., plans, drawings, renderings, furnishings, materials, finishes, etc.) articulate the scope of project within the competition entry format? 
  • Functionality: Does the solution meet the functional requirements and does the space planning achieve the functional objective? Does the project demonstrate an effective and appropriate use of materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting for the purpose of the space? Does the solution use universal design principles and sustainable practices where applicable? 
  • Human Impact: Does the solution demonstrate the positive impacts of the design on the human experience? Does the project outcome address the human interaction and response to the space (e.g., sociological, psychological and emotions factors) through the concept statement, notations as necessary, and in the visual presentation? 
  • Innovation: Does the design solution show originality, ingenuity and creativity in problem solving? Is innovation and creativity employed in the overall design, including use of the principles and elements of design, materials, finishes, furnishings and lighting? Does the solution demonstrate attention to detail? 
  • Presentation: Does the visual presentation show high-quality craftsmanship and composition in every element of the entry?
Submission Requirements and Timeline
  • Interior designs student are encouraged to be a member of ASID, but is not required. Nonmembers can apply for student membership online at https://www.asid.org/content/join 
  • All ENTRY REGISTRATIONS must be submitted no later than October 16th, 2016. 
  • All design submissions must be received no later than December 21st, 2016. 
  • All design submissions must be submitted in PDF format as outlined in the Concepts + Parameters 
  • The winning entry will be announced at the ASID NJ Chapter February or March Program meeting (to be finalized) 
  • Winning prizes to be awarded are: Gold - $500 Silver - $300 Bronze - $200 
  • Decisions of the judging panel are final and binding 
  • The winning entries will also be promoted in ASID NJ Chapter Newsletter Inspire and may include ASID NJ Chapter’s public relations and printed media outlets and online social networking sites.

You may access the SU+RE House documents by clicking on the below links:

NOTE: Registration on DropBox may be required 

Competition Entry Registration Form

Competition Concept and Parameters