What is a NJ-CID?

A New Jersey Certified Interior Designer, (NJ-CID #000) signifies an individual who has met the state’s requirements for interior design -Experience, Education and Examination (NCIDQ exam) and holds a valid certificate issued by the NJ Interior Design Examination and Evaluation Committee under the State Division of Consumer Affairs. So, passing the NCIDQ is a critical part of your qualification to be a CID!

 What is the value of hiring a New Jersey Certified Interior Designer?

Certified Interior Designers (NJCID’s) have stepped forward to have their credentials verified by the State of New Jersey. This is a legal recognition which established certain levels of competency, a code of ethics, is enforceable by law and established who is qualified to provide diversified interior design services, as defined by the Certification Act.

What is Qpractice training?

Sitting down to prepare for these exams is a lot like training for a marathon; you have to put in the work over the course of months. Qpractice offers a 12-week course with daily lessons to guide studying and effectively prepare for the exams. It breaks study time into manageable chunks so that test takers understand the "why" behind the questions, not just the answers themselves. 

The biggest perk of Qpractice is the community. In a time of a pandemic when we're all isolated, Qpractice showed a group of dedicated designers all working towards the same goal- to advance their careers and advocate for their profession. It was inspiring to see everyone work together, ask questions, give support, and be there when things were stressful.  

 How do I qualify for this program and who do I contact?

You must be a member in good standing through September and already be signed up to take the NCIDQ. Please reach out to Diane Gote for more information.

How long does the Q-Practice run?

 It will run for three months, starting in July.

How many students or Emerging Professionals, or Allied Members will be involved?

Our NJ ASID Chapter has budgeted for five members to join.

Do I need to be a member of ASID?

Yes, you will need to provide your member number to qualify.

If I'm not a member now and would like to join ASID, will I then qualify?


How many parts of the exam does the test cover?

You need to sign up for all three parts.

How do you choose who will be chosen?

Members interested must submit their name, ASID member number and proof of NCIDQ exam enrollment to our Chapter Administrator. Once received, depending on the number of applicants, five names will be drawn at random to qualify for free Qpractice training!

What time of the day does the practice run and how long are the sessions?

With access to Qpractice year-round, you can start and study anytime at your own pace. The Qpractice Study Schedule will help keep you on track.

How do I meet the other members who are taking the test?

ASID NJ will provide the contact information for the five members selected so that you can meet and form study groups if desired. You'll also get an invitation to the Qpractice member only study group with mobile app.