Design Excellence Awards 2024


Designers, Industry Partners & Students – registration is now open for the 2024 ASID New Jersey Design Excellence Awards!

Please take some time to read the Rules and Regulations HERE.

You can register for the competition HERE.

Download our helpful submission tips HERE.

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Submission period is February 12 to May 6, 2024.

The Design Excellence Awards Gala will be June 25, 2024.

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  • All ASID members of the New Jersey Chapter who are in good standing and eighteen years or older may participate. 
  • If the Entrant is employed by a firm or member of a team, he/she must be the primary interior designer on record for the project.
  • Entrant(s) must be the lead designer on the project to be submitted.  This means that no other designer(s), architect(s), or builder(s) can claim this project as their own. Retail stores and Franchises are permitted only if the Entrant(s) is the lead designer(s) of the original concept. Exception for IP Product Entry, where an ASID NJ Industry Partner and ASID NJ Designer Member collaborate on product design.
  • All projects must have used a minimum of two (2) Local, Regional or National ASID IP Members who are current IP members or were IP members at the time of the project.  Please include all Industry Partners used on the project.
  • Only spaces that have not previously won an ASID NJ Design Excellence Award are eligible. ASID NJ Design Excellence reserves the right to reassign an entry to the appropriate category if necessary.


  • Designer & Industry Partner Categories:
    • Early Bird: $140 for first entry, $120 for additional entries
    • Regular: $150 for first entry, $125 for additional entries
  • Student Categories:
    • Free



  1. Residential Single Space – excluding Kitchen and Bathroom
  2. Residential Two or More Spaces – in residences of 2,500 sq. ft. or less, may include kitchens and/or bathrooms.
  3. Residential Two or More Spaces – in residences of 2,501-5,000 sq. ft., may include kitchens and/or bathrooms.
  4. Residential Two or More Spaces – in residences more than 5,000 sq. ft., may include kitchens and/or bathrooms.
  5. Residential Apartment, Condo, Townhouse or Loft* (i.e., a residential setting governed by building management restrictions or Board of Directors rules.)
  6. Residential Small Bathroom -- 50 sq. ft. or less
  7. Residential Large Bathroom -- 51 sq. ft. or more
  8. Residential Small Kitchen -- 150 sq. ft. or less
  9. Residential Large Kitchen -- 151 sq. ft. or more
  10. Residential Show House Space: Show House spaces may not be entered into any other category  
  11.  Design for People with Special or Specific Needs/Aging in Place/Universal Design
  12.  Specialty and Unique Interior Spaces 
  13.  Outdoor Living Spaces 



  1. Commercial Single Space
  2. Commercial Several Spaces – in offices or spaces of 10,000 sq. ft. or less
  3. Commercial Several Spaces- in offices or spaces of 10,001 sq. ft. or more
  4. Retail/Showroom, Exhibit Space, Public Spaces, Athletic Facility
  5. Hospitality Spaces, Hotel, Restaurant, Clubs
  6. Healthcare Spaces – in facilities of 3,000 sq. ft. or less
  7. Healthcare Spaces – in facilities of 3,001 sq. ft. or more
  8. Special and Unique Spaces (for example staircase, elevator, coffee bar)
  9. Exterior Commercial Spaces
  10. Government/Institutional Space(s)




  1. Registered as historic with the municipality, and/or, is 100+ years old
  2. Space restored to its original essence



  1. Residential Space(s)
  2. Commercial Spaces(s)
  3. Public Space(s)


  1. Product Design