Partnership with Lincoln Park

April 2016 Update

Three great projects – Three great designs

Kudos to the ASID NJ Community Services team! We have successfully delivered designs for three of the five LPCCD projects: The Façade, stage and seating, and senior community rooms.

Marina Klima Goldberg, Allied ASID, of Klima Design Group, recently presented designs for meaningful spaces for the seniors at 33 Lincoln Park, Newark. The presentation was attended by Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins of Newark, who truly appreciated the efforts of ASID and saw the value we bring to the organization.

LPCCD has given us a great opportunity to exhibit how interior design enhances human experiences with the environment. We hope that the implementation of these designs leads to long term positive experiences in the realm of social interaction, community development, comfort and education of the elderly in the community.

The next project in line is the CCKM, Coast Common Kitchen and Marketplace. Those interested please contact the Community Service Committee.


March 2016 Update

Our designers have produced fabulous conceptual artwork and lighting design for the church façade. LPCCD is excited to have the venue ready for their Rock the Block musical event in May 2016.

LPCCD has already begun to see the value ASID is bringing to their community and the redevelopment project. And ASID NJ gets this wonderful platform to exhibit the impact of design, not just to Lincoln Park residents but also to Newark and beyond.

Community Service committee is in the process of selecting the lead designer for project number three, the Coast Community Kitchen and Marketplace or simply CCKM. Those interested, please get in touch.

The mission of LPCCD is to develop the low-income neighborhood of Lincoln Park through sustainable development, community involvement and leadership. Among the many efforts is the Coast Community Kitchen and Marketplace (CCKM). It will facilitate in the establishment of a local food system and serve as an economic engine for the city. Here Newark based food entrepreneurs will be coached to produce food products using locally grown ingredients and source it out to local markets.



Do you believe that design impacts the human experience? Are you ready to demonstrate the value of interior design? Join your ASID colleagues on a team of architects, engineers, community organizers, educators, and politicians who are redesigning this NJ neighborhood. Lincoln Park is a sustainable arts community in Newark built on innovative affordable housing, historical preservation, green jobs, music, culture, and urban farming.

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District

Twenty years into redevelopment and NJ’s first LEED for Neighborhood Development certified project, Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) has led Newark in creativity and culture as they continue to revitalize their community. ASID NJ is proud to partner with Lincoln Park throughout 2016 while they join Newark in celebrating their 350th anniversary with several exciting new build projects.

This unprecedented volunteer opportunity will serve as our chapter’s community service project and mirrors our strategic plan goal to demonstrate the value of interior design. We will be able to showcase our members’ design contributions to a wide and diverse audience through LPCCD’s reach into the music, arts, and cultural community.

Learn about LPCCD

Opportunities to Participate

Some of the LPCCD projects which are open for our participation are:

+ NJ’s first container housing project
+ Senior living spaces
+ Commercial Kitchen @ the new Small Business Incubator

Imagine participating in such an innovative, prestigious project, networking with a variety of design professionals, adding a high profile project to your portfolio and working for the common good. You can achieve all of that and more by participating in this very special project. Whether your interests lie in aging in place, sustainability, design management or simply volunteering to see the impact your design can have on peoples’ lives, your talents are welcome on this groundbreaking project for NJ ASID’s community service initiative.

For more information, contact Sabiha Jan, Community Service Chair,


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