2021 Design Excellence Awards - Winners


Commercial Several Spaces: ≤ 10,000 SQFT

Residential Single Space

Commercial Several Spaces: ≥ 10,001 SQFT

Residential Two Or More Spaces: ≤ 2,500 SQFT

Retail/Showroom, Exhibit Space, Public Spaces, Athletic Facility

Residential Two Or More Spaces: 2,501-5,000 SQFT

Hospitality Space, Hotel, Restaurant, Clubs

Residential Two Or More Spaces: > 5,000 SQFT

Healthcare Spaces: ≥ 3,001 SQFT

Residential Small Bathroom: ≤ 55 SQFT

Government/Institutional Space

Residential Large Bathroom: ≥ 56 SQFT

Design For People With Special Or Specific Needs

Residential Small Kitchen: ≤ 150 SQFT

Specialty and Unique Spaces

Residential Large Kitchen ≥ 151 SQFT

Outdoor Living Spaces

Residential Show House Space

Student Commercial Space

Student Public Space