2022 Design Excellence Awards - Winners


Residential Single Space

Residential Two or More Spaces <2,500 Square Foot

Residential Two Or More Spaces: 2,501-5,000 SQFT

Residential Two or More Spaces > 5,000 Square Foot

Residential Apartment, Condo, Townhouse or Loft

Residential Small Bathroom: ≤ 50 SQFT

Residential Large Bathroom ≥ 51 Square Feet or More

Residential Small Kitchen, 150 Square Feet or Less

Residential Large Kitchen, 151 Square Feet or More

Residential Show House Space

Design for People with Special or Specific Needs

Specialty and Unique Spaces

Residential Outdoor Living Spaces

Commercial Single Space

Commercial Several Spaces, 10,000 Square Feet or Less

Hospitality Space, Hotel, Restaurant, Clubs

Healthcare Spaces, 3,000 Square Feet or Less

Industry Partner Category

  • Winner


    Designer(s): Brian Gallop, Waterstone Faucets

Student Residential Space

Student Commercial Space

Student Public Space